Oh, What a night...

by michele 31. July 2009 04:47

Did a song just start playing in your head?

We recently had our staff party and we had a really nice night. We don't have to worry about things said or done at the party that are talked about at the office for days after thankfully. Mind you, last year after we all played paintball Karla did get the new nickname "Killer Karla". This year was back to simpler times. We had a BBQ at our home and then went for a walk out to High Head in Prospect and had a fire down by the ocean. Yes, the Some Mores were there, with much discussion on the best way to toast the marshmellow. It is interesting how passionate people can be: Golden brown, charcoaled with a very gooey centre, in the flames til just before it ignites or two at a time.

That is not snow or rain in one of the pictures but a very heavy fog. As we all know, living in Nova Scotia you can't let the weather stop you, you just go anyway.


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