Top 10 titles

by michele 12. March 2010 06:12

Plus one surprise...

Over 70% of our magazines come from our supplier The News Group who distribute mostly North American titles. People have often asked me "What is your best selling magazine?", so a number of years ago I checked and found that one year #1 was The New Yorker and #2 was People. The following year the numbers were reversed. I love what that says about our customers: we get everyone in here. I think the diversity of our customers is perhaps the most interesting parts of our business. I am not sure how I forgot to get 2008 numbers (see below)!   The Surprise best seller though comes in all by itself and it is Frank Magazine. It outsells New Yorker by almost 2 to 1. But then again maybe the local "news" isn't really such a surprise seller! 


2007 2009
# 1 New Yorker New Yorker
# 2 Economist People Weekly
# 3 People Weekly Vanity Fair
# 4 Vanity Fair Economist
# 5 In Touch Weekly Hello
# 6 MacLeans MacLeans
# 7 US Weekly Time
# 8 Hello New York
# 9 Rolling Stone In Touch Weekly
# 10 Dwell Dwell

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The Morning after

by michele 1. March 2010 06:16

And the euophoria lingers!

From the first customer in the door who I swear was walking on air to the seventy year old woman we just served plus others who have had tears welling up in their eyes, the only discussion is last nights Gold Medal game. The heart stopping moment at 24sec in the 3rd period  to Iginla & Crosby's winning goal left us elated. This morning that thrill continues, as everyone has a smiling face and loves to talk about the game. I am sure people are talkng about it at their workplace but there is something uniquely community building when strangers (mind you, lots have been our wonderful regulars) share in a common experience particularily when they can revel in it. Staff member Ryan was just saying that he wanted to watch the Hockey anyway but last night it occured to him that he didn't want miss out on the conversations that he knew would happen here at the store. Plus he didn't want peoples surprised look of disbelief that he didn't watch!

Who knows, maybe these Olympics will lead to a little nation building as so many Canadians shared this moment and so many of the other Canadian Olympians triumphs.

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