The Start of an Affair

by michele 26. August 2011 03:59

With Twitter!

My attention has been drifting to and away from a blog post. So the other day when I checked to see when I last wrote I was surprised to find that I hadn't done anything since May. That fits though because it was in April that I attended a five week course on social media. (I have to tell you that I really enjoyed going to "class".) l threw myself into Twitter, it completely fascinated me. I loved the medium, the quick bites of information, and the repsonses to some of my tweets. However, like a young passionate love affair it too has moved on to the next stage. Now it is the day to day mechanics but still very fun! I find it a fantastic avenue for Atlantic News. New magazines, great covers, interesting stories are so easy to share through Twitter. So to my newsletter / blog readers my absence has been explained. I will find the balance for all my communications, at least I will try!

By the way my Twitter name is @magsstore 



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