The Changing of the Guard

by michele 14. November 2011 16:31

Sadly out with the Old but happily in with the New.

Since May we have hired 5 new staff members. Not in the 18 years of being here has there been such a transition.  Usually after about 3 weeks of training a new staff member (did you see I wrote 'a', yes just one) the shop rhythm is back in place. Rhythm only as it takes about 6 months before one is really on top of everything. We had a little perfect storm in Sept where we had to hire and train our three newest employees. So after the normal three weeks I was surprised that the rhythm hadn't reestablished itself. At first I couldn't figure out why but then it dawned on me that circumstances were very different this time with three rather than just one. I keep saying it is a work in progress and each shipment day I can see an improvement however small.

I miss the staff that moved on but I am so pleased for all of them, as they grabbed hold of new opportunities. A changing of the guard has brought some wonderful personalities, and new interests into the workplace. Welcome Jodi, James, Jessica, Brian, Jeremy. ( Yes sometimes I do get tongue tied with using the right J name!)


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