What's in a name?

by michele 29. April 2010 04:30

How about $175.00!

I have previously been asked what is our most expensive magazine. It used to be $125.00 but about three weeks ago, Bloom arrived ( we have 2 of only 6000 published) and it was $169.00! Yesterday though, Box arrived and it is $175.00. So there you have it, our most expensive magazine.

Our staff are great! And interesting and doing their own thing. Recently Ryan was invited to submit a film of his for the 10th anniversary of the Chicago Anarchist FilmFestival. Not only was  'Danger Dead End 5' accepted but it will be the opening film of the festival's Friday evening theme of "unembedded" films. This means the filmmakers have not been officially sanctioned by the governments involved. "Embedded" journalists are attached to invading or occupying armies. Their purpose is of course to reflect the official line. The scheduled films are activist documentaries or comments on heavy handed government activity that has not been properly covered by the popular media.  

 Congrats Ryan.

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Staff Success's

by michele 24. April 2009 04:59

And away they go...

No, just kidding they aren't leaving, but they are forging ahead with their own passions. Angela  ( Her Blog and website )  has a show this summer at the View Point Gallery on Barrington St. It gets a mention in the Summer issue of Canadian Art , which will probably arrive in June at the shop.

Leah has started installing our windows for several months now. We entered a country wide contest for two displays. I get to happily tell you she won first prize for both windows. Approximately 25 stores from across the country joined in the competition. Well done Leah. The first window was for Wallpaper magazine where she literally created wallpaper from the masthead. Then she turned the window into a setting for Decanter magazine. Most recently she created a universe for a science window. It looks brilliant.



 Caitlin one of our former staff is on her way to Toronto to work in Theatre. She graduated from the Dal program while working with us. Back in Mayof 08 she wrote the play Living my Life in Circles which got her a review stating " Pillsworth off to good start with new production by Metamorphic". So we wish her well on yet another new start. Break a leg Caitlin.

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