A New Sidewalk

by michele 13. July 2013 07:07

and our Back Door

Who would have thought that having the sidewalk ripped up literally to our front door's threshold would have been such a good experience!

It was a three day job, day one starting really early before the store was even open. Our front doors were inaccessible for eight hours that day and on day three for thirteen hours so thank god for our back door. It enters into my office and the back storage room. I had so much fun because of the delight, surprise & timidity expressed by our customers to entering a "private" space. Many got such a kick out of walking through the "inner sanctum" getting a "back stage pass" going through the"nerve centre", the "inner workings", the "place that it all happens".

There were a few customers who had been coming in for years that had never really stopped to have a conversation before but perhaps the intimacy of the space encouraged them to stop and have a chat. I was really pleased by comments two young ladies made. One was " so thankful that you made the effort to stay open" and the other said that she felt it "showed a lot of trust and that we valued our customers"

The constuction crew were fantastic. Many customers were so appreciative for the help navigating the sidewalks, intersection and directions to our back door. One woman even tweeted "Best construction crew ever"

The bonus is we have a fabulous new sidewalk and entrance to our store


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