History in the making

by michele 6. November 2008 04:32

Wed November 5 2008

I am literally living in a time that will make history books and hopefully make the world a better place. On the commute into town on Wed am I was full of emotion (and yes, the tears flowed) listening to the stories on the radio about Barack Obama winning the election. I said to my kids as we all listened, that this was truly a monumental day, as only 50 years ago much of the African American population weren't even allowed to vote.

Naturally we have been having lots of newspaper sales. We had previously increased our draw on the Globe and Mail, sold out of those and thankfully were able to get some more. The most satisfying part of the day though, was that we were able to provide customers with The Chicago Tribune, The New York Post, The Washington Post, and The Daily Nation from Kenya. Until we became the print site for Newspaper Direct we were not able to get many newspapers from the States and certainly not from Africa so it was exciting to say yes we can get that for you. We are still printing Chicago Tribunes today and even had request for Dutch papers.

On todays Wall St Journal there was a picture of a poster mounted on a wall in Rome saying with a photograph of Barack Obama and a caption saying " The world changes". Certainly the world is looking to him with hope. I hope his shoulders are strong and broad enough!


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