It's our birthday...

by michele 18. October 2013 04:54

Our 40th Birthday!

It's been months in the planning but we are on the eve of our party.

Forty years in retail as a local independent shop is a big thing, forty years as a newsstand is also a feat. The last 5-10 years have seen shops like us close all over the country, there are only 10 of us left. I was speaking with a young man yesterday who was visiting from NYC and he told me that there was nothing like our newsstand left there! Without question it is harder to do business in our very wired world. Our greatest competitor is the lack of peoples leisure time, time that is now sucked up by our permanent attachement to the immediacy of a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. We all get lost searching, surfing, texting, facebooking etc. But enough of that. I was talking about a party!

Tomorrow is about our customers, those that have been coming 40 years or to the new person who recently said " I didn't know there was a store like this. When I came in my jaw dropped." We have gifts galore to give away, and a grand prize draw of $500 worth of prepaid credit cards. Local magazine, Mixtape has just launched their new magazine and they are promoting it with a concert in the store. We have also asked Food Wolf (celebrating their 1st birthday) to join us as part of the party. The food truck will be serving their street food from our parking lot. Lapham's Quarterly has sent several signed editions of their magazine to give away. ( Lewis Lapham, Harpers editor for over 30 years gave a talk at Atlantic News when he was in Halifax to receive an honourary degree from University of Kings College. He wrote us a note saying, "You operate the best magazine store I've ever seen or hope to see.”) We have two tickets from the Jazz Festival, prepaid cellular phone cards, Orangina t-shirts, Monocle magazine hankies, back issues of The New Criterion, current issues of Geist magazine, umbrella's, a gift basket from Metro Guide Publishing, the list goes on & on.

The celebrations will continue with “40 days 40 mags”, a random draw of a magazine each day that will start on Oct. 21.

We hope that people will share their memories of the store by sending them by email (, or posting to facebook or twitter (@magsstore).

Bring on the party!!

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