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by michele 8. April 2009 10:39

I just spent a wonderfully relaxing month in Australia staying with my husbands family in Newcastle, the farm in Guyra and with friends in Tasmania. Needless to say I did check out the newsstands of which there are many. Lots of the towns still have all their shops lining the main street. They have canopies that reach out from the side of the buildings allowing you to stroll protected from the sun. Some of the smaller towns will even have two newsstands. They are quite different from ours, as they are more a stationary and general goods shop with magazines added to the mix. Boy you should see the size of the Sydney Morning Herald it is huge, the dimensions must be nearly 2 ft by 3ft opened. I have to ask myself if I am exaggerating?? I am going to have to give a quick email to my parents in law to ask them to measure it....

 I also checked out the North American titles to see what their "import" retail prices were like.

                                   Here             There

Dance magazine          $4.99           $13.00

Grafik                         $25.50         $33.90

Adbusters                     $8.95           $9.95

Wired                          $5.99           $11.95

Yoga Journal                $6.99           $11.95

Collectible Automobile   $11.95         $14.95


Not too surprising really considering how far they have to go. Mind you the various differences don't make alot of sense particularily when you look at Adbusters with just $1 difference and then Dance with $8.00. 

The staff did a great job while I was away, as I had every confidence they would. I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of "must attend to" notes on my desk.  


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