The News Groups 100th Birthday

by michele 7. October 2008 03:01

It all started with HH Marshall 100 years ago.

On Thurs Oct 2, Stephen and I attended the 100th birthday celebration of  The News Group. They are our largest supplier of magazines bringing in mostly North American titles. In the 90's they bought the Halifax based supplier HH Marshalls. Over one hundred years ago, Mr. HH Marshall began his career as a newpaper boy. Over time he built his business up and was supplying newspapers all over the province. The natural leap was to also distribute magazines. One of their offices was on the corner of Morris and Barrington, just down the street from us. The Thurs evening celebration was in honour of Mr John Marshall, the grandson of HH Marshall. It is really a feat to have run a family business and to see it carry on. Marshalls is a name many of us fondly remember, whether it is customers of ours, former staff, or current staff of The News Group and even myself at times when I have a mental slip and call TNG "Marshalls"! Thurs evening was a great deal of fun seeing all kinds of people who used to work there and some of the current staff that we rarely get to see. Thanks to The News Group for putting on a lovely celebration.

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