Rolling Stone has a new redesign

by michele 21. October 2008 10:20

From Oversized to regular size

 Today is what we call magazine Tuesday. We get two large shipments on Tuesdays each week. We were in the middle of unpacking 3000 magazines when we came across Rolling Stone. Imagine my surprise when I unwrapped a regular sized, perfect bound edition. For years it has been an oversized publication, they refer to it as "a hybrid of a newspaper and a magazine...the format was a Rolling Stone trademark." It was stapled together, other wise known as a 'saddle stitch', now it has 'perfect binding' which means the paper is glued in and they can actually print on the spine. As a newsstand we love the redesign because it now fits effortlessly onto our shelves. It will no longer flop over or flop backwards for that matter! They believe this is "not change for the sake of change but change as evolution and growth and renewel"

Come on in and check it out.

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